PROSPECT is an International Thematic Network, funded by Ghent University, with the objective of strengthening existing excellence on the main theme of Archaeological Prospection.

Archaeological prospection entails detecting, characterizing and evaluating evidence for past human activities and environmental interaction. More than a technical toolset, it encourages holistic understanding of the archaeological record, revealing how soils and vegetation are impacted over time by past communities. By allowing to identify, investigate and understand the diversity of the alterations of the physical environment and material remains of the human past, archaeological prospection encourages us to think broadly about the long-term impacts of our current actions. Advanced visualization techniques enable making this evidence clear and compelling, while facilitating sustainable access to global cultural heritage.


PROSPECT members investigate one of the earliest Neolithic villages in Europe

PROSPECT and Flemish Heritage Agency organize a workshop on archaeology & geophysics and archaeological monitoring with support of SAGA-cost action